My name is Kenth "The Designer" Nasstrom,

Hi and Welcome to learn a bit more about me!



I started working with computers 1982 when I bought a Commodore Vic20. Since then have I been working with computers directly or indirectly all the time.

I bought my first PC 1984 when I lived in Costa Rica and started working with GW Basic, CP/M, Early Dos (1.0), Dbase and Clipper.

In 1990 my company KN Dataservice was started and I'm still operating this company even though 98% of it now is online!

In 1990 I also started to work as an employee at what now is called Mid Sweden University as a computer technician. The last 6 years have I been working with networks, phone systems and video conferencing.

Here's some of the things I've been doing during my computer related career!


I've sold over 400 PC's all built by me.

Installed, managed and given service and support for PC, Printers, Scanners, Network cards, SCSI, Tape stations, Raid systems and almost anything you can hook up to a PC with a cable.



Installed and delivered operating systems on PC from scratch from Dos 2.1 and all versions of Dos, Windows 2.11, 3.0, 3.11, 3.11 for workgroups, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista. Among these have I installed most server versions as well.

Installed and delivered Nowell Netware 3.11 and 4.01

Installed, managed and given service and support for  Pathworks (network from Dec), Microsofts networking including netbeui, ipx and tcp/ip.

Software installation, support and training on dos, windows, Office all versions from 1994 up to Office 2003)



Delivered a number small networks with more than 4 workstations and 1 server.

Installed and maintained Cisco LS1010, 4000,7200, 5000, 5005, 5009,6500, Pix 535 Firewall with both Ethernet and ATM

Managed mailservers (sendmail)

DNS servers (Bind and Windows)

My Own Products

I started out back in 1997-1998 with the first version of Onwerfix. A small software that allowed a user with windows to correct mistakes in spelling when registering their copy of Windows. Onwerfix made it a snap to change the registered owner and company (but not the serial number though!).

Ownerfix has been included as an utility in several cd’s from PC Magazine. Ownerfix have been download well over 500.000 times as far as I counted.

Then came Zipey Pro in it’s first version. Zipey Pro is still around and kicking!

Shortly followed by Ziney, The Newsletter Text editor of choice by many for the last 7 years. Ziney has evolved into Ziney Pro, the new generation of newsletter & ezine text editor!

My latest release is Zip2profit. Zip2profit will let you earn money from other peoples sales! Can it become any better?

My Sites

Here are a selection of my sites.

Online Marketing and Affiliate Marketing at

Zip2profit – Earn money from other peoples sales

Ziney Pro – The Newsletter & Ezine Text Editor online!

Zipey Pro – Unpack all common packed files with one program, zip,arj,rar and more.

Free Newsletter Templates

Costa Rican Information

Beaches in Costa Rica

Profit From Email Marketing

Profit from Optin Lists


Make sure you check out this site and all the pages on it!

My best wishes ...

Kenth Nasstrom
Cevelidsgatan 17
86035, Soraker

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